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Primary care schemes

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Rubicon has just been commissioned to work on our 30th primary care investment scheme.  Our experience now extends to practice mergers, new builds and refurbishment schemes funded from central ETTF funds and schemes funded by third parties.

Rubicon is ten years old and is as busy as ever.  In recent months we have:

  • Continued to work in the Dorset system helping Dorset Healthcare NHSFT with its HIP2 capital investment business cases.
  • Won new work with Dorset County Hospital also linked to HIP2 funding.
  • Commenced work with colleagues from other SMEs to develop a health and care hub in Ely.
  • Completed the outline business case for two new mental health units in Surrey and subsequently worked with our client to bid for central funds for the first scheme.
  • Won a new piece of work helping Worcestershire Health & Care to develop their estate strategy – almost ten years since the first time we worked with this trust.
  • Continued to review ETTF bids for NHSE.
  • Completed our work with the Adult Cerebral Palsy Hub.
  • Started a project for overseas investors looking at opportunities in England.
  • Continued to support colleagues in SCWCSU by placing interim staff.


Today marks Rubicon’s tenth anniversary. Over the last ten years the company has delivered over 200 projects for more than 50 clients predominantly in the NHS, but also private health providers and charities. The company works through an associate network and partnerships with other SMEs; currently we have an associate network of 53 compared to 12 when Rubicon was launched. Rubicon continues to be busy and is currently engaged as lead or a sub-contractor, on nine projects for clients ranging from NHSE, a charity and four NHS providers.

Evelina Children’s Hospital

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Rubicon’s work with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHSFT to develop the full business case for new theatre capacity for the London Evelina Children’s Hospital reached a key milestone at the end of April with the publication of the FBC.

ETTF bid reviews

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We have continued our work for NHSE reviewing OBC and FBC bids for ETTF funding from several CCGs. Over the December to January period Rubicon consultants completed seven reviews, the reports on which form part of NHSE’s investment assessment process.