Capacity Planning

capacity planningEnsuring you have the right capacity to respond to current demand and future need is vital for all healthcare providers.  Rubicon has a track record of providing expert demand and capacity planning solutions to clients across all areas of health and social care.  Our modelling expertise can be deployed to help forecast future demand and the resulting capacity needed at either and individual commissioner or provider level, or using a whole system approach.  Our whole system modelling focuses on the impact changes in one service have on demand for other services.

Our approach is to work with you to understand need for services, then translate need into demand based on factors such as demographics, expectations and commissioning intentions.  We then apply target performance changes to current activity numbers and convert the result into capacity.  Our experience extends beyond inpatient services to include community team based services such as community nursing.

Our expertise has supported clients as diverse as commissioners in West Kent and Berkshire East, mental health providers in Staffordshire and Hampshire, and private healthcare providers such as, The Insight Network and Moorfields Private. We have recently expended our offer into whole health and social care system capacity plans and are currently working with some NHS Vanguard sites to understand the impact of new care models on capacity requirements.

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