Strategic Planning

Strategy and planningHaving a clear strategic direction which flows throughout the organisation ‘from Board to ward’ is the best guarantor that an organisation will achieve its strategic goals.  Rubicon consultants have a wealth of experience formulating, testing, consulting on and agreeing strategies across a wide range of healthcare organisations.  Our experience includes work with five STPs, over 35 NHS providers on their five year plans, two year operating plans for trusts and NHS commissioners, and annual plans for individual Trust divisions and services.

Through a mix of a standardised approach and processes tailored to local circumstance we work with clinical and managerial staff to set out a clear, measurable response to short and medium-term changes in the internal and external environment.  Our work has included developing a new three year strategy for an established FT, divisional annual plans for a midlands based FT applicant, and a three year strategy to a new market entrant.  We have assisted several mental health trusts in formulating their strategic response to clinical, operational and financial viability challenges.  We have also supported the development of STPs through support to develop new models of care, to consider joint commissioning and pooled budget arrangements, and to model the activity and financial impact of their plans.

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