Rubicon wins place on Elis group framework

The Elis group of six leading Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) has awarded Rubicon a place on its framework agreement.  The framework agreement allows CSUs to access a range of supporting expertise and capacity from Rubicon and our partners Channel 3 Group.  Together Rubicon and Channel 3 can now provide support to the CSUs in the areas of:

  • Needs assessment: including health needs assessments and equalities impact assessments.
  • Best practice advice: including evidence reviews and evidence based care pathway redesign.
  • Organisational development: development of organisation development strategies, and design and delivery of activities to support teams within organisations.

The six CSUs, will be providing services to over 90 CCGs. The CSUs are:

  • NHS North East London CSU
  • NHS Staffordshire and Lancashire CSU
  • NHS North of England CSU
  • NHS South West CSU
  • NHS Cheshire and Merseyside CSU
  • NHS South CSU